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Anti Pest Solutions provide residential and commercial property owners safe effective pest control solutions.

We believe a fast friendly service that is confidential is what our customers are looking for. At Antipest Solutions, we know how important it is to have a fast response while providing effective solutions. Our pest control techniques are safe and effective. We always exercise total discretion and all our vehicles are unmarked.


Mice and Rats can pose significant health and property threats. They breed rapidly and unhindered can produce up to 35 young per year leading to infestation levels very quickly. We offer safe rodent eradication in all types of properties and with on going monitoring, can ensure your commercial or residental property remains mice and rat free.

Flying insects

We provide a complete flying insect eradication and control service. With a variety of fly control systems to choose from and a full after sales service, we can ensure your property remains flying insect free. Our insect control solutions work for every type of fly including bluebottle, housefly and fruit flies. We provide hygienic fly control solutions for restaurants, takeaways, pubs as well as private households.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most common household pest and are found everywhere humans congregate. They spread easily entering the home by hitching a ride on any object such as books, clothing, shoes etc. They are nocturnal and will usually hide somewhere in the bedroom, often in matresses or bed frames, hence the name. They come out to feed at night on their human hosts. We can offer guaranteed bedbug eradication treatments.

Bird Control

To deal with the ever increasing urban bird populations, our humane bird prevention strategies offer a variety of solutions including roof, gutter and window ledge spikes ensuring your property remains a hygiene friendly zone. We have assisted in providing bird free zones on public and private buidings and offer contract monitoring and control services.

Crawling insects

Our bug control services offer both residential and commercial properties, efficient, safe crawling bug eradication solutions. We can deal with all types of infestations including cockroaches, beetles and ants. Once introduced to a property, crawling bugs can quickly infest and create an unhygienic and dangerous environment. Our specialist bug controllers can offer safe discreet treatment.


Woodworm lay eggs on, or just under the surface of, a wooden item. The resulting grubs then feed on the wooden item causing both structural and cosmetic damage, before pupating and hatching as beetles which then breed, lay eggs, and repeat the process causing further damage. We offer a variety of treatment solutions depending on the level and types of woodworm infestations.

Anti Pest Solutions

Why us?

We specialise in protecting your business from rodents and pests but provide fast effective solutions for any problems that may occur or currently exist.

Quick Response

We provide a quick response to eliminate the threat before it gets out of control. We can arrange emergency call outs for our customers.

Non Toxic Solutions

We provide a range of non toxic pest control solutions for our clients to protect businesses without the risk of contamination.
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Anti Pest Solutions

Food Manufacturing Businesses

At Antipest Solutions, we know how important it is that effective pest control solutions are in place to prevent and eliminate any existing pest’s around the facility. We work with small to large companies and offer a discreet confidential service as standard. We know even though every business will have a run in with a rodent at some stage, eliminating the threat discreetly is best.


We have years of experience in rodent management for Hotels and B&B’s with guaranteed proven solutions for all mice and rat infestations. Reputation is crucial to hospitality businesses and with our discreet pest control services, we ensure no pests make it onto your reviews. It is always best to eliminate pests before they become a problem.

Farming and Agriculture

At Antipest Solutions, we provide solutions for farms to prevent rodents and pest from using your facilities as a home. We provide you with the best solutions for produce storage barns, milking and feeding parlours and all other areas of the farm. Our solutions are cost effective and will help your farm to stay rodent free. Get in touch with us for a no obligation quotation
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